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Blog Title: Window air conditioner fan runs but it does not cool.

Main Que: The fan for my window air conditioner runs, but there is no cooling. Am I low on refrigerant?

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  • Query By: MELANIE ALVARADO (Memphis, VA)
  • Date: 11/17/2013

Answer: There may be many possibilites on what's wrong with window ac. First of all, check if the compressor motor is running. For a window air conditioner, the compressor is a ball like case with no apparent moving part. When the window ac is set below the room temp, the compressor kicks and you can hear a small humming noise or any kind of continuous noise. If you hear the noise and there is still no cooling, you might have a problem related to thermostat, burnt wiring, bad selector switch, capacitor or compressor. If the compressor does not turn on, then you may have a bigger probem which will definitely need a replacement. In either of the case, contact a hvac professional as they would be able to provide an accurate estimate regarding whats wrong with the system.

  • Replied By: HAZEL JENSEN (Dellroy, TX)
  • Replied Date: 11/18/2013